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What are your timings?

We offer one hourly Tuition sessions on weekdays between 3.30pm  and 6.30pm.  Some tuition may be arranged for Saturdays. Online available. For children not accessing school, we can do 9am - 3.30pm.


How frequently should my child attend classes?

Tutorials are normally of 1 hour duration per week. Or half an hour if that works better for your child.

Is the tuition aligned to what my child is learning at school?

Yes. The tuition is aligned to the national curriculum. We are qualified teachers  and keep up to date with the National Curriculum. Each session starts with, "What did you learn today?" Then we build on that and fill gaps when we find them.

What feedback will I get about my child's progress?

Verbal feedback will be given. And after our termly assessments and tests, a short written summary will be provided.    

What is the ratio of children to tutors?

If you choose a group, we work on a maximum ratio of four children to one teacher    

What role do the teachers play in my child’s learning?

All of us are well versed in the curriculum and play an important role in your child’s learning. Tutoring is based on a range of resources that are adapted to each individual child’s ability. We aim to boost your child’s confidence by getting to know him or her as an individual and by motivating each towards mastering the subject.   We specialise in making learning fun. No child learns if they are disinterested or bored. Once we have taught a new skill or resolved a misconception, your child can return to class, proud that they can now do the same work as their friends.  

What kind of support do we  provide in terms of books, stationary?

You don’t need to buy anything once your child enrols. We provide all the books and worksheets along with other essentials.  If we want your child to bring something, we will let you know. Free 11 Plus resources are in the Porch for you to use.

My child is gifted - can he/she benefit from coming to Tutoring?

Yes. Many gifted children benefit from attending our tutoring. We tailor our courses for each child’s individual requirements. We design the course around the child’s academic ability rather than his/her age, allowing gifted children to work at their own pace. At your initial consultation you will be able to discuss in more detail your child’s personal goals and requirements.    

My child is 4 years old - can he/she attend? He is ADHD/dyslexic, Neuro-diverse, anxious, PDA, not able to access school.

We do accept 4 year olds on a case by case basis.

All other Special Educational Needs welcomed. The Reward-based system we use ensures enthusiastic participation. Also Termly "Whole-School" Competitions. Every child is unique and precious. We hope to bring out the very best in every child, building on heir strengths and adapting learning to their needs. I am proud that children with many Additional Needs come through the door and enjoy their time with us.     

How can I enrol my child ?

Call me. We can chat, then come along for a free Taster Session. No long-term Contracts. Pay as you Go.  

How to contact us?

You can get in touch with us by telephone or email.  We are here to help with any questions you may have.    WhatsApp is best. Email first   

How can Group Tuition benefit my child?

Although One-to-One tutoring remains popular, small group tuition offers additional benefits. Children are stimulated by hearing the ideas and opinions of others, and by having the opportunity to react to them. Ultimately, small group tuition offers a safe environment for children to grow in confidence whilst enjoying interactive learning that challenges their thinking.



We are so happy we found you! 

Hi Barbara. Just wanted to share with you A's Report. He has gone up  into Expected! I'm thrilled with his progress.

Thank you for allowing him to shine bright.

You have made a huge difference to M when his confidence was floored (on two occasions!) You made him realise that he could do Maths!

Thanks, Barbara, for the helpful feedback. We really appreciate all you  have done, so thanks very much...

Hi Tim. O just text ed me to say he got his mid-year creative writing back 76% All credit to you. He wanted me to tell you. He is over the MOON!

 J is so comfortable and  happy with you and I think he makes loads more progress  as a result xx

 B said "It's great going to Kate. She does stuff we do 2 weeks later in school, so now I can choose a harder challenge in school. And I'm not behind any more."

Kate, he loved it. His exact words were: "It is 1 million times better than any other tutoring I've done."


Hi Tim! he passed. In the area he doesn't do so well in, Comprehension, he got 120. So Huge Thanks.

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