OUR Lessons:

     Year 1 and 2


      English for Key Stage 1 consists of phonics, reading words, reading small paragraphs, spelling, writing words, structuring sentences and writing small paragraphs. Developing a love of reading is a skill we promote strongly.

Maths for Key Stage 1 consists of understanding Place Value - hundreds tens and units. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, introduction to geometry - what makes a square a square?

The content is aligned to the National Curriculum.  

We will support the Early Years Curr

Year 3 - 6

English for Key Stage 2 consists of grammar, reading, writing and spelling.

The content is aligned to the National Curriculum.  

Maths for Key Stage 2 consists of knowing the numbers system, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, algebra, shapes, word problems, probability, fraction etc.

The content is aligned to the National Curriculum.    



Our 11 Plus Promise:

Tutoring will help your child exceed in class and be ready to hit Year 7 running and hopefully be in a higher stream. However, we cannot promise an 11+ pass but we will do our best and our termly assessments will give a clear indication of what we need to concentrate on.

We will never turn a child away. We're not fussed about 100% pass rates. Just 1 child who passes, that other groups have rejected, fills us with joy.  Every child deserves a chance. We will do regular assessments which will give you a realistic idea of likelihood of a pass.

Our lessons are divided into the different  English (comprehension, sentence structure, spelling etc), Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Spatial and Non-verbal Reasoning.  We have access to genuine past paper questions.

A typical session begins with:

1. A Maths Question of the Week from a past paper.

2. A word of the week to use in conversation after the session at home or at school.

3. A teaching focus of English or Maths. 

4. A times tables and spelling test.

5. "Would I lie to You?" Multiple Choice Reasoning Game,

A "Pointless End of Lesson," Game using the Quiz Show to improve  vocabulary and General Knowledge.

We are not 11 Plus specialists. If you want that we recommend Max Mutter in Goudhurst.



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