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Summer  2022
Monday - Friday 8th - 12th August

                 11  Plus Club
Monday - Friday 15th - 19th August

Catch Up and Get Ahead including Art 

Local Artist Sally Seal has  been invited to lead an Art Workshop on Monday Morning 15th August.
If you prefer English, Maths or 11 Plus I’m running hourly sessions those days too.
Email WhatsApp 07913 024746 to book.


Art: £35 for 2 hour Art Workshop or £20 for 1 hour.

English and Maths: £15 per hour. Discounts available.

The  11 Plus Club will focus on an hour each session of the element that each child needs the most support. The week ends with a realistic full Mock using genuine past paper questions. Book in for Reasoning, English or Maths. Or all 3.

The Art Workshop will be lead by Sally Seal. Choose 1 or 2 hours.

The Catch Up and Get Ahead Maths and English hourly sessions will be run in Year Groups from Year 1 to Year 6. We focus on filling gaps from the previous year and getting ahead for the coming year. Each lesson tailored to the individual or the group. We use cooking or active games to reinforce learning in a meaningful way.

Art Megan.jpeg
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