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Summer Club 2021. Week of 26th July
11 Plus Club. Week of 2nd August. Booking Open now

Mock  11 PlusTest - 100% pass in at least 1 element.

Fantastic! We are so chuffed.

Come to us for:
Key Stages 1 -2 Primary and
Early Years. Key Stage 3 and
4 - Secondary to GCSE
We also offer holiday clubs.
Our after-school lessons start as low as £5 for 30 minutes, in small groups, and
a maximum £20 for one-to-one tutoring.

We specialise in regaining confidence and making learning fun.
              Give us a call or send us an email to discuss how we can help.                                                                                
Win Prizes. Earning Stars = Rewards.                                                                    


                           The Team and our Classrooms:
                       We all have full DBS clearance 
                              Kate Hart Dyke
                                    Ex Nurse and Primary School teacher.

                      Barbara Godden-Wood
                                            Retired  Primary Head Teacher

                                 and Maths specialist.   
Tim Hart Dyke.

Retired  Head of Secondary English at Bethany School        .

                     Pat Kellas
                                          Retired teacher and well respected local 11+ coach.                                                             Pat's role is supporting reading                                                  and providing extra support